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Markham Rae is an absolute return  manager.

Welcome to Markham Rae

Markham Rae currently manages three absolute return strategies in both discretionary and systematic macro, and trade finance. We currently have an AUM of USD1bn.

Our clients are corporate and local authority pension funds, insurance companies and family offices located around the world, currently in the UK, Europe and Canada.

We aim to deliver consistent positive returns for the long-term investor.

Discretionary Macro

We focus exclusively on developed market interest rates and developed and selected emerging market currencies which distinguishes the strategy from other fixed income funds. The fund does not invest in credit, emerging market bonds, high yield or sovereign bonds.

Systematic Macro

Ashenden and Markham Rae have entered into a partnership to establish and manage a new fund – the Ashenden Trend Plus Fund. Markham Rae will be the Manager of the Fund and Ashenden will be the Trading Advisor to the Fund.

The Ashenden Trend Plus Fund invests systematically in both trend-following and mean-reverting strategies across multiple asset classes (equities and futures).

Trade Finance

Trade finance is one of the world’s oldest and largest financial activities. We make trade finance investable for non-bank investors without connected operational and scalability problems. The strategy provides the full benefits of the superior risk adjusted returns of trade finance.

Key points

Discretionary Macro

Low correlation to equity and fixed income asset classes providing an uncorrelated return to traditional assets.
Focus on absolute return: capital preservation is at the heart of what we do.
Experienced team with long tenure.

Systematic Macro

Diversification – low correlation to traditional asset classes.
Innovative cross-fertilisation of techniques to profit both from trend and reversion factors.
Highly experienced team with a long history of collaboration.

Trade Finance

Short term, collateralised and self-liquidating.
Low correlation to other banking activities.
Proven team with sole focus on Trade Finance.