Our Discretionary fund

“Many of our pension fund clients see this strategy as diversification within their fixed income portfolios, as in times of market stress the strategy is likely to provide attractive returns. Meanwhile, other institutional investors see it as a diversifier to the rest of their hedge fund portfolios.”

  • There are excellent returns to be made from top-down thematic investing in highly liquid developed fixed income markets.
  • Large macro economic changes and their timing are extremely difficult to forecast – for instance, markets tend to understate the probability of large moves relative to very large moves.
  • As a result of this we are able to structure path-dependent positions, which provide good risk/reward exposure to macro events.
  • By using these persistent anomalies, we increase our chances of making good risk-adjusted returns despite the difficulty in timing the evolution of macro-economic themes.
  • The team uses sophisticated technology that has been tailored to our needs over the many years that the core investment team has been working together.

Why invest?

Low correlation to equity and fixed income asset classes providing an uncorrelated return to traditional assets.
Focus on absolute return: capital preservation is at the heart of what we do.
Experienced team with long tenure.