Tactical fixed-income relative value

"We aim to deliver consistent high quality returns by trading tactical mis-pricings in G7 government bonds and their derivatives, across a broad range of market conditions.”

  • The strategy implements a diversified group of fixed income trades of tactical mis-pricings in G7 government bonds and their derivatives. The positive return produced by this portfolio has been negatively correlated with government bond indices, and has demonstrated lower volatility.
  • The strategy has a track record of delivering stable risk-adjusted returns during multiple risk-on and risk-off markets
  • The strategy does not invest in credit, nor does it take long term directional or macro views.
  • The strategy is negatively correlated to the developed economies sovereign bond index1 with a comparable risk/reward ratio. It is weakly correlated to the peer group universe2 with a higher risk/reward ratio over the life of the fund.

1 S&P Global Developed Sovereign Bond Index (TR)

2 HFRX Relative Value Fixed Income Sovereign Index

Why invest?

Tactical Fixed-Income Relative Value

Low volatility and highly liquid.
No credit and duration neutral.
Significant negative correlation to traditional fixed income.