Trade Finance

“Clients of the strategy appreciate the access it provides to the trade finance, asset class which was previously inaccessible to non-banking investors. For those investors seeking higher yields in today’s challenging environment, this strategy’s performance is uncorrelated to the credit cycle and a quarterly cash coupon is paid.”

  • To make trade finance an investable asset class for non bank-investors.
  • Provisions within Basel III allow for the reduction of a bank’s risk weighted assets via risk transfer.
  • The most attractive assets on which to structure such an opportunity are ones where the discrepancy between regulatory capital and economic capital is at its widest. Trade finance is such an asset class.

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MarkhamRae appoints Kah Chye Tan and Sir David Cooksey to MarkhamRae Trade Capital Partners advisory board. For more information, download the press release:

MarkhamRae Advisory Board Press Release 150615.pdf

A briefing document for local authorities regarding the Trade Finance fund is avaiable to download below:

MarkhamRae Trade Finance - Local Authorities - June 2015.pdf

An article on Trade Finance by Luigi La Ferla from MarkhamRae that was published in IPE magazine:

Trade finance briefing: Doors open to trade - IPE Magazine, July 2015

Why invest?

Short term, collaterised and self-liquidating.
Low correlation to other banking activities.
Proven team with sole focus on Trade Finance.